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JL Portrait Photo Editing/Retouching Tutorial (5+ Hours)

- 1x Portrait Editing & Retouching Course (main tutorial!)

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Photo PRESETs + Video LUTs  

Download Presets Now!

  • 4 Preset Bundle: This bundle comes with Presets for 4 different Lighting situations including: Outdoor Ambient, Outdoor Backlit, Indoor Window Lighting & Indoor Flash/Strobe Lighting.
  • ​50 Preset Variations in Total: This bundle contains 50 Preset variations for 4 different Preset types/Lighting situations.
  • RAW Photos: Comes with ALL the RAW Photos used with each Preset!
  • Make Photos "Pop" (Look More 3D): These Presets use unique Complementary Color palettes, which help to enhance photo Depth/Dimension (create the illusion of a more 3D image!) 
  • Tutorials: Video installation instructions are included; as well as tips on how to adjust the Presets to work for any photo.
  • Compatibility: Photoshop (Camera Raw) & Lightroom.

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